About Us

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. Your vehicle is your pride and joy, your most expensive purchase other than a home and it is important to us that you know who you are handing your keys over to and what they are all about.

My name is Eric Moore. I own Highline Customs but I work on EVERY car that comes in the shop alongside my brothers. Yes, my brothers, you don’t just have some employees working on your car. I find that to be very important for a few reasons, one being family always looks out for each other. If one of us puts out poor quality work, it affects all of us and our family. You are not just a paycheck to the guys at Highline. Not to say you have to be family to produce good quality work because that’s certainly not the case it just helps. We started this business in 2004 after moving here from Hawaii. We have built our reputation in the Portland area to be nothing but the best. We try to be fair with our prices and keep them around the same as everyone else in our area out of respect for the other shops. We use only the best film and to top it off we have more five-star reviews than any Window Tint and Paint Protection shop on the West Coast. By no means are we perfect but when we make mistakes, we make them right ASAP. We got this reputation by treating our customers’ cars as if they were our own. Our policy is, every car gets looked over by each one of us inside the shop and once more before it leaves the shop. Have you ever known a brother to not want to be better than the other? NEVER. That’s how we got so good at what we do. Yes, we like to one-up each other and we like to point out each other’s flaws so that they could be corrected before your vehicle leaves the shop. We have earned the trust of many of the dealerships in our area including KUNI BMW, Lexus of Portland, Portland, Mercedes Beaverton, Mercedes Portland, BMW Royal More, Subaru Toyota Buick, GMC Portland Cadillac and a few body shops.

So, at the end of the day why choose
Highline customs to do the window tinting
and paint protection on your vehicle?

  1. We offer the best film possible
  2. We have competitive prices
  3. In 14 years, our reputation is pretty close to perfect with a total of 691 five-star reviews

Our Team


  • Owner
  • 39 years old
  • Married with six kids, five girls one boy
  • Window Tinter
  • Experience 15 years


  • Co-owner
  • 36 Years old
  • Married with five kids, all boys
  • Paint Protection & Window Tint Installer
  • Experience 13 years


  • 35 years old
  • Married with three kids, two girls one boy
  • Window Tinter
  • Experience 13 years


  • 45 years old
  • Married with two Boys
  • Window Tinter
  • Experience 6 years