Stek Paint Protection

STEK USA Competitive Advantages

STEK (Shield Technologies) is a leading innovator in the automotive film industry. They use their fundamental understanding of film production to take an innovative approach in creating products that perform for the enthusiast providing unrivaled appearance, uncompromised protection and easy maintenance. With proprietary nano-ceramic infused clear bras, beautiful tint, and the industries only line of protective fashion films, STEK gives you have an opportunity to create experiences, spark creativity and inspire with tailored styles that offer world class protection. The time to enjoy your vehicle is back. #STEKRevolution

Some attributes you will learn to love include:

Quality of Clarity: Tested by meter against major competitors, STEK DYNOshield has been found to be the glossiest, lowest textured and most clear Paint Protection Film on the market. Note on Top Coat: Using unique manufacturing processes STEK has made keeping your car cleaner, easier.

Their HYDROphobe® ceramic coating is infused at a molecular level in all DYNO films giving you an extremely hydrophobic surface that dirt and bugs rinse right off. You can drive safe knowing that common surface scratches and dings from daily driving self-heal leaving you with a continually glossy finish. Other common paint perps such as acidic bug guts, deicer, and damaging UV rays are rejected with world class anti-contaminate, anti-yellowing technology.


On the cutting edge of paint protection, DYNOcarbon is a woven Carbon Fiber styled film with an unparalleled top-coat shared by our entire DYNO line of films.

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DYNOprism takes industry technology to a new standard by offering protection that changes your cars color at every angle.

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DYNOblack Paint Protection Films from STEK are a unique innovation designed to transform any color paint into a protected high gloss black, matte, or carbon fiber finish.

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